Women Belong In The Kitchen???

What do you say?

People have conflicting perceptions about this. While some may not care, most women in this 21st century are absolutely troubled by the conception and a significant number have gone lengths to address this. Which means opinions may differ according to backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences. Therefore, it would be important to value the difference in people in this regard.

One debater said, “I’m not fine with other people thinking that women should be one or the other. Some women, such as myself, cannot picture themselves as a housewife and would go crazy in that role. Others don’t want a career and want to focus on raising their children. Either one is okay”.

Another debater said, “woman’s place should be at work because women have a lot to offer the working world”.

Personally, I have seen most women today balance their secular job with their role at home, in the kitchen, as mother and wife. This is commendable and noteworthy.

View a video below of a Feminist Meghan Markle who esteemed her inner feelings, voice, conscious, and was moved to action.